About Us

Ahh-Mazing Natural Conditioner/Detangler

I searched high and low for a natural product for my granddaughter that would make brushing her hair easier.  They either did not work at all or made her break out in an itchy rash.  I hated that she cried when it was time to brush her hair because of the tangles.  I researched and researched and finally came up with my Ahh-Mazing recipe!  It works wonderfully when used properly.   No more crying when brushing hair.  It makes my hair soft, shiny, silky, less frizzy and static free.  I hope you love Ahh-Mazing as much as others that have tried it do. 

Ahh-Mazing Natural Body Butter Frosting

Customers always ask me to add to my line and I listen to what they want.  This is why I came up with my Natural Body Butter Frosting.  Customers wanted a Natural Body Butter that was rich, creamy, thick and NOT greasy.  Well, that is what I delivered! You are going to love it!  Make sure to check out the Natural Body Butter Lemongrass Essential Oil.  It is a must for the whole family, because it is GREAT at deterring mosquitoes and other flying bugs.